Qasoor Hakim | قسور حاكم


قسور محمد حاكم هو عضو مؤسس لمنظمة تطوير الشبكة العراقية التي تسعى إلى تحسين واقع الانترنت في العراق من خلال خطط جريئة وفعالة. من تطوير واقع الإنترنت يطمح قسور لتحول العراق الى دولة رقمية متطورة تضاهي التطور الموجود في باقي دول العالم لحماية و تسهيل عمل مؤسساتها المختلفة خدمة للمواطن و حسن إدارة ثروات العراق .

Qasoor Mohammed Hakim is a founding member of the Improve Iraqi Network Organization that seeks to improve the situation of the Internet in Iraq through bold and effective plans. From developing the Iraqi Internet, Qasoor aspires to transform Iraq into an advanced digital state that matches the development in the rest of the world to protect and facilitate and the work of its various establishments for service of the citizens and the good management of Iraq's wealth.

Resume | السيرة الذاتية

Qualifications Summary

  • I was one of Leaders in Improve Iraqi Network campaign that launched by youth claimed improve the internet and communication services in 2019.

  • I presented a social media website for education system but the government didn't consider it.

  • Videos montage hobbyist in YouTube.

  • I reached Semi-Final stage in Leaders exchange program IYLEP which sponsored by United States embassy in Baghdad in 2019.

  • I have a certificate in Cyber Security provided by Queen Rania Foundation for education and development in 2020.


  • Currently I am student in distinguished high school in Najaf - 2020